UPCLUB is not a company

It is a social network for creative individuals. Think of 20th-century tea club. Even though the modern human today has many ways of socializing and entertaining its inventive mind, the primary goal of the club is the same now in 2022 as it was a hundred years ago, connect like-minded individuals, have fun, and form bonds that last.

There is no limitation to the profession, cultural background, sexual orientation, race, skin color, or political views of those who seek to join our club. Upclub is a community of creators, entrepreneurs, artists, and investors taking part in a new digital economy and culture. 

We use Web3 and NFT technology to grow and empower our community. By combining technology with the arts, we believe people can realize their true potential, share values, and enjoy diverse cultures globally. 

A real NFT community

Our goal was to build a real living, breathing community; a place where real people engage each other in person and enjoy. No bots or speculators getting in the way. To execute that, we had to add a social element that could not be manipulated; an invitation code. 

Joining Upclub requires an NFT, but Upclub NFTs cannot be minted without the invitation code. Invitation codes are given to people who have contribution value to our community and those whom our existing members trust and endorse. 

A culture you can’t give up

As Upclub expands and gains popularity, it’s going to be leaving a mark in the history of NFT Social Club that can’t be erased. The process is already in its full swing with us organizing social events and activities across Asia, starting from Seoul, South Korea, with plans to expand worldwide. 

Through Upclub, members can engage in parties, networking events, concerts, musicals, collaborated events with brands, and even host their own events. Be part of a never-ending ecosystem of people who autonomously create their own culture.

Join Upclub now and connect, grow and make an impact!

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