For anything you build from scratch with intentions to make it last, you need all the help you can get along the way.

Fuerza Bruta Seoul

Ethical virtuosity

Potential collaborators with us must share the common ideas, principles and values. Only then we can look further for executing partnership.

Fuerza Bruta, as one of the world’s most protrude and spellbinding audio-visual happening, is one of our prominent collaborators. 

Festivals, events, cultural and artistic organizations, businesses, companies, professionals, artists, creatives, directors, executives. Even when it’s just an idea that someone wants us to hear out, we’re there.

Thinking about more visible and tangible benefits for our members, we left room to partnering with restaurants, lounges, and bars. They provide our community with their offering, while we spread the word and recognition of their presence in the industry amongst the people.

To sum it up

The bottom line of why we look for collaborations constantly is diversity and disparity of what we can offer to Upclub members.

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