Upclub X Avecque party (5/27)

After so many days in permanent lockdown mode, you could feel the well-known buzz of witnessing huge gatherings like festivals and concerts in the air, and it enraptured all of us responsible for what’s coming.

The actual party surpassed our expectations. Guests were greeted at the entrance, given stickers and temporary ‘instant’ tattoos with our club’s logo, a wild variety of cocktails, and beautiful people. All smiles and great upbeat energy. 

Inside the dance area, in a spacious room with dimmed blue light, the DJ booth is placed on ideal position for you to see from almost every corner of the room.

People laugh, dance, and enjoy in every corner. Then again, there is enough room for those who would rather sit at the table and enjoy a glass of champagne than jump and dance. The mood right on fleek from the get-go is guaranteed either way.

Right next to it was the outside area where people can stand in groups and intermingle. Great to take a breath from the music and partying and enjoy the panorama of the city and stars and absorb the scenery.

In what felt like a blink of an eye, or a toilet break, the night was over and newly formed friendships and relationships had to go on pause, for now. We loved seeing every one of you wonderful people, and are grateful for such a big response! 

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