Upclub X Walkerhill pool party (7/2)

Just as the weather was picking up its pace, and we entered the summer, a new event at Walkerhill was announced, and, you guessed it; it was a pool party! We choose the setting to differ from the last event, which meant a more dynamic and exhilarating experience. 

Again, what seemed to already be sort of tradition itself, Upclub minutiae were to be shared at the entry. They had so much fun spraying each other with water guns and playing catch with inflatable balls. Joyful chaos at its best.

The helpful and knowledgeable barmaids answer your every question and give advice to those indecisive about what drink they want while serving the rest.

Karaoke, diving board jumping, water gun chases one after the other, going in succession manner. Activities are well organized, carefully thought-out, and executed with one goal in mind: your entertainment.

Kudos to everyone involved for yet another successful event around our belt, and thank you, our members, without whom all of this wouldn’t be possible.

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